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Piracy on the Nintendo DS

As sort of a counterpoint to Sailing the seven seas of Nintendo DS piracy, I'd like to write about my pesonal experiences about the subject.  I'm what you might call a 'budget gamer', I avoid paying full price for my games whenever possible.  There was a point in time when I could burn though all of my disposable income on things like games, but not so these days; now I haunt pre-owned games, and look forwared to the weekend deals through steam and similar to satisfy my gaming addiction.

I've mention my M3 card for my Nintendo DS before.  While I do use it to play homebrew software, such as Colors! and a fantastic NES and Genesis emulator, I make no attempts to sugar-coat the fact that I originally bought the thing to pirate games.  The story doesn't end therem however, the ability to try any DS game out of the whole library has led to me buying games I wouldn't normally buy, such as:

Professor Layton and the Curious Village - I actually bought two copies of this one, for myself and my father, when I was initially turned off by reading about the game online, curiosity had me downloading it and giving it a shot.  I'm eagerly awaiting the US release of the Next two games, which will also be two copies each.

Hotel Dusk - I love adventure games, but this one only got mediocre reviews.  They need to make a sequel already.

Brain Age - I never even remotely though that these games would be any fun, actually, the opposite of fun.  Now I have a copy, and so do my parents.

There are others, as well.  Now i don't want to say that these purchases stemmed from guild over piracy, rather that my ability to preview any game I wanted led to purchases I wouldn't normally make.  Gaming is an expensive hobby, and while piracy may be on the rise on certain systems, some of us still purchase games, and with cases like Steam or the upcoming DSi, it might just be more affordable and easier to just buy the games online and download them directly.

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