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Post-process glow in a GLSL shader.

As the render monkey for my final project team, I've been doing extensive research as to some interesting techniques with which to make our game pretty. I'm pretty proud of the effect I just finished, so I figured I'd share it with you.

This is the model for our scout unit, with his post-process glow effect turned on:

Very Tron, eh?  Well that's where this sort of effect came from, the Gamasutra article about the Real-Time glow effects used in Tron 2.0.  The Specifics as to how this effect was constructed is an article for another time, as it is pretty complex, and I want some time to refine the effect.

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  1. Hi Brandorf,
    I am interested in replicating a similar effect for a small project that I am working on.
    I read the article you point to, but as there is no sample code (even in the Book CD) I am finding it very hard to add this effect to my scene.
    Would you mind sharing some insights / code / advice?

  2. I’m doing something like this now. I’m using deferred shading, so I can also place lights on the glowing patches (as nodes in the model itself) to simulate radiosity on adjacent surfaces fairly cheaply. Did you ever consider this?

  3. There were quite a few graphical effects I wanted to do that unfortunately had to be cut from the game due to time restraints, deferred shading to fake radiosity like you mentioned was one. However, I can’t remember if the laptops we were developing on were capable of the effect. They were old (pre-AMD) ATI cards, and had some dodgy openGL support in places.

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