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Paint Pong

Paint Pong was written over the course of about a week as part of a class in windows programming taught at Full Sail.  I'm releasing all my source under the GPL, and hopefully someone will get some use out of it.  It's not perfect, and there are bugs to be sure.  But i can live with that, if you find any huge ones, be sure to let me know, it'd be interesting to see how you break it.  Paint pong is written in C++ under Visual Studio 2005 using GDI, that means all the graphics had to be done the hard way (tm).

Paint Pong!It’s pong, what do you expect?Play long enough and things get messy!


  • Hand-made color graphics (by hand!)
  • Realistic Physics collisions of balls.
  • Multi-ball! (Press 'b' while playing)
  • Crappy AI (very dumb!)
  • Balls of paint go Splat when they hit each other!

Download binary: PaintPong_Win32.rar

Download source: PaintPong_Source.rar

Note, if you get an error trying to run it, try installing the VC Redistributable, which you can get here.

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