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Rayzer is the title of the game that we are developing for Structures of Game Production, a two month long class here at Full Sail. We are only now starting to design the actual code and architecture, now that all the design foundations have been laid. I'll post milestone builds here as well as document some of the more interesting aspects of its development cycle.

The design doc:

The "Game Bible" if you will. This is the document we has to present to our Instructor, who is acting as our producer. He read through the document, then offered some changes to our gameplay structure, as well as added a few technical features which we were required to implement. One thing to note is that this document reflects how we will be graded, if a feature or element is in this document, it must be in the final game, or we will be penalized, also deviation from the design document without prior authorization results in another penalty. This is intended to both teach us the importance of these Game Bibles, as well as simulate real world development, where you can't change features on a whim.

Rayzer Design Document

Rayzer Technology Demo

Completed on 05/30/08, not intended to demonstrate any gameplay whatsoever, merely proving the technology we have developed can work together.  Collision is buggy as hell and memory leaks like a sieve.  But putting it up so you can see how far the game has gone in 2 months when finished.

Rayzer Tech Demo

Rayzer Alpha

Screenshot from the Rayzer Alpha

Completed on 06/13/08, the alpha marks the milestone where all the gameplay and major technology needs to be implemented.  The game is still buggy, but at least you can call it a game at this point, and not just a tech demo.  This is still very buggy, though playable, I will not be held responsible if your computer turns into a giant lizard and eats you as a result of running this.

Rayzer Alpha

View a video of Razer Gold

Unfortunately, Razer never made it to a state where it will run reliably on many computers and is plagued by a bizarre series of quirks.  Due to the hectic schedule that Full Sail puts us under, we (meaning the three of us) have not yet had the time to finish the game by squashing these bugs, however the existing builds will stay up, and below, you can view a video demonstrating the final release and several of the completed levels of the game.

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