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Tyrian Worlds

Tyrian Worlds is essentially a recreation of the gameplay of Time Pilot, but using the fantastic artwork and sounds from the original Tyrain, a favorite game of mine.  This project was done over a week and a half as part of a Full Sail project for Structure of Game Design.  The game was to feature several levels and enemy types, with the levels being created  by my custom level editing tool.  Currently I consider the game to be merely a tech demo, as many of the features I set out to do are either missing or very roughly implemented.  Still, I'm posting it here so you can see it and try it out.  Any feedback is appreciated.  I WILL be going back to this project when I have the time, as I very much want to see it the way I imagined it.

The features missing or not working properly are a bit too numerous to list, so I'll just leave it be for now.

Tyrian Worlds Tech Demo

Note, if you get an error, try installing the VC Redistributable, which you can get here.

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