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When it comes to programming projects, I can be a bit schizophrenic.  I can be right in the middle of working on a project, when all of a sudden I drop everything and start another project.  In this case it's just a simple WOW addon, but I'd been meaning to learn Lua programming, so it was a win-win for me.

You can see the fruits of my labor on, which I must say, is a very well done project site with its corresponding  I was very impressed with how quick and easy it ended up being.

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Post-process glow in a GLSL shader.

As the render monkey for my final project team, I've been doing extensive research as to some interesting techniques with which to make our game pretty. I'm pretty proud of the effect I just finished, so I figured I'd share it with you.

This is the model for our scout unit, with his post-process glow effect turned on:

Very Tron, eh?  Well that's where this sort of effect came from, the Gamasutra article about the Real-Time glow effects used in Tron 2.0.  The Specifics as to how this effect was constructed is an article for another time, as it is pretty complex, and I want some time to refine the effect.

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Proof of Concept – Complete

In final project, we have just passed what they call "Proof of Concept" which is a presentation in front of the class, all the instructors, and a few students from the game design masters program. In a nutshell, we present an incredibly rough mock-up of our game, explain some the gameplay elements and technology that's already at work there, and how where we are now (after one week of coding, and everything else at this point design work) will put us in a position to complete the game over the next three months.

It wasn't the best presentation for me personally. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours, and I might have temporarily forgotten where exactly I was, but overall we got where we needed to be.

The running total of caffeine produce by myself - I've decided to keep track:
13 Cans of Monster, 1 Red Bull, 2 RockStar, 2 Jolt. Consumed this month. Granted this is only "energy drinks". Phew.

Team Recursive, hard at work.

Team Recursive, hard at work.

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Legitimate Business

I've been straightening up the website to more accurately reflect its purpose as a sort of online resume. You can now see videos of my previous programming projects (except pong) and the 'about' page has been update, including links to both my resume and my LinkedIn profile.

Now with my new blackberry in hand, I'm poised to take the world by storm, err, Blackberry Storm... sorry, that was funnier in my head.

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